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Profilo di Bozena Krol Legowska
Nome e Cognome (o nome d'arte) Bozena Krol Legowska
Data iscrizione Nov 03, 2008
Località Saturnia
Provincia Grosseto
Regione Toscana
Indirizzo personale sito web www.scultrice.it
Recapiti telefonici 340 8748847
Biografia (1000 - 2000 battute)
Bozena Krol Legowska, an artist sculptress, painter of origins Poles, from years lives and works in Tuscany. Daughter of art.
The preferred material for his sculptural works is the statuary marble of Carrara, she often chooses also the white travertino or alabaster, all these materials exalt the elegance, purity and nobility of the forms that the artist frees carving with own hands. For the painting she has chosen the glass as support that she paints from behind, it is a technique to "upside-down" that asks for so much precision and ability.

"There is a biblical mystery that pervades his to seek, in the form, the sublime peak of the sacred-mephistophelian. Beautiful, above all good..." Giorgio Brizio

Personal website:
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